Let’s be frank. The most important part of creating the perfect romantic getaway is balancing the private and public moments…

Without the eating out and the dancing, the bedroom becomes less piquant. Yet even those moments can turn dull without a moment back in public, holding hands, striding down the beach, happy together. Balance. That’s the secret.

And the Maldives are the best luck we’ve had in finding that balance.

Every villa we’ve ever taken has let us shower both in the open air and in utter privacy. Our floor is glass over the ocean and the view from our windows is a thousand miles of empty blue. Yet with the opening of a door and a brief walk over saltwater and sand we can be seated in a fine restaurant eating a chef’s latest masterpiece and enjoying the company of other lovers as we touch toes under the table.

And the moment we wish to be alone, we will be. Just turn around and we’re back in our palace, the two of us, together, alone with the vastness of the sea and the closeness of our room and each other’s arms.

As I write this, I only have one question: Why haven’t we already booked another trip?

This is one secret we’ll be sharing with each other over and over again.